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Technolgy Park

Technology Park & Engineering Museum

Engineering & technological developments are part of our culture and during the recent pass we all are witnessing a greater advancement in different sectors. Medical sciences, biotechnology, materials engineering, information & communication technology, construction technology & renewable energy are name to few. NERDC Technology Park and NERDC Engineering Museum play a vital role in dissemination of this engineering & technological know-how that is unique to NERDC in socio-economic development in our beautiful country.

The General Goals:

  • To build & reinforce a mechanism for researching, conserving & sharing of information of our ancient technologies that has passed through by centuries up to date
  • To assist younger generation in possessing a strong fundamentals in education, social & cultural development to own a sustainable future
  • To enhance the utility & management of existing local resources in developing modern engineering/ technological gadgets.
  • To make aware younger generation on the history of local engineering technologies in Sri Lanka
  • To create opportunities in enhancing the creativity of youth & younger generation this leads in innovations & inventions.

NERDC Technology Park is the best place to observe the engineering developments which has NERDC created so far during the 45 years of history. NERDC uses this place as a window shopping area to display technologies & innovations as well as to demonstrate certain technologies for the benefit of self-employees, school kids, students in tertiary educational institutes and general public. Technology park support in providing views & ideas for entrepreneurs in new business start-ups as well as in business development.

NERDC Engineering Museum is established on 14th October 2013, one of the fine destination to school students of grades 6 to 13, where they can watch & experience about the evolution of field of local engineering from traditional era to modern era. Objectives of establishing this are to educate, entertain & make youth, students & general public from different back grounds

Visiting hours: 8.30am -3.30pm on Monday to Friday

Visitors Reservations: OIC Technology Park - 0112234267

Entrance ticket fee:

Adults Teachers, School children & Students from other Educational Institutions
Technology Park and Museum Rs.200 Rs.70
Museum Rs.150 Rs.50
Technology Park Rs.100 Rs.30
For NERDC Civil Technology Rs.30/- (Ticket is issued up to four people.)
For a single technology Free - (Ticket is valid up to four people.)

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