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Study & testing of chemical and physical properties of fly ash and development of paving blocks by using fly ash

Dying and application of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) composite for corroded slab system

Construction of 1500 Sq.ft low cost livable housing unit

Feasibility study on capability of using NERDC slab system in high rise buildings

Introduction of NERDC foot bridge technology for the convenient transportation of communities in remote areas

Anti-toxic & durable special paint for CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Block) walls

Development of garment washing sludge incorporated non-structural building material Through this it allows to manage industrial waste according to environmental standards

Development of non-plastered smooth finished full wall system for cost effective construction industry

This project is made to do the R&D work for construction of full wall system, instead of brick and block […]

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Manufacturing of Light Weight Wall Blocks

This light weight blocks reduces the cost on labor, materials and the time spent on construction. Using of light weight […]

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Development of a high quality maldive fish dryer

Development of a home compost bin with rapid response

Advancement of NERDC Cremator for improved environmental performances

Slip form walls construction & setting standards for materials used in slip form wall construction

Pre-cast & Pre-stressed Retaining wall

Tensioned masonry retaining wall

Foot bridge technology

High capacity water tanks construction using ferro-cement technology

Precast toilet construction using ferro-cement technology

Development of cement sand roofing sheet

Confirmation study of using of bottom ash in construction of sub bases in the roadsides

Designing of Prefab buildings for Defence Forces

Designing of Middle Income Housing projects for National Housing Development Authority

Designing of Siyapatha Housing projects for State Ministry of Rural Housing and Construction

Institute of Indigenous Medicine Rajagiriya

Providing consultancy service to construction of an incinerator at SL Navy Trincomalee

Renovation Work for Ambagahamula Hall Building at Institute of Indigenous Medicine, Rajagiriya

Providing consultancy service for finishing and services of proposed joint Sri Lanka China biotechnology laboratory at ITI Malambe

Providing consultancy service for construction of a mezzanine floor at Plastipak (Pvt) Ltd Seeduwa

Renovation Work for Stores Building at MILCO Factory at Polonnaruwa

Construction of pre-stressed concrete foot bridge across Moratiyana Ela, Paragoda

Providing consultancy service to construction of three storied MOH building at Wadduwa