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Updated On: November 29, 2021

NERDC supports to held “Technology Clinics” for entrepreneurs engaged in small & medium scale businesses in Colombo & Rathnapura districts

The Vidatha Sector of State Ministry of Rattan, Brass, Pottery, Furniture and Rural Industry Promotions has scheduled a series of “Technology Clinics” to be held in each district and complete 1st set of 25 clinics by end of the year 2021. The first technology clinic was held at Kuruwita, aiming of Rathnapura district entrepreneurs, during the last week. The Second one held at Narahenpita on 31st March 2021, aiming of Colombo district
entrepreneurs. NERDC officials held awareness programmes during the first session and during the second session
NERDC officials were able to support them with possible technological & marketing interventions for their businesses. Some of them needed technology for cottage industries, some needed the guidance on how to improve their
processes with technologies available, some of them needed solutions for waste water & other environmental problems that they come across and some of them need marketing consultations to improve their packages & demand in their industry. Both programmes were full day and there were more than 200 entrepreneurs in Rathnapura district and approximately 150 entrepreneurs in Colombo district.