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Our Products


Oxygen Concentrator

This oxygen generator, which operates on the principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), is expected to be manufactured locally to meet the demand. At the moment, relevant engineering work at NERDC is at a peak. It owns very unique features and find in two capacities as 5L & 10L models.

An Automated 19 Litre Water Bottle Washing Machine

National Engineering Research and Development Centre developed an automated power brushing machine for the purpose of washing 19 litre water bottles. This machine is in built with a mechanism for removing the bottle lid, lid washing facility and proper washing of inside & outside of the bottles. It includes operational safety features according to the global standards. This machine will be a milestone for the industry due to its’ speedy operation, minimal labour usage and reduced water usage in washing. (water usage 1 to 1.5 litres/bottle).

Compost Shredder

NERDC has worked on the manufacturing of a domestic shredder as a result of the choice of an appropriate technology. Based on the ground surveys carried out in relation to the required machinery for the process of manufacturing organic fertilizer, it was proved that although few large-scale machines are imported, there is a considerable demand for domestic and medium-scale machinery. Those three kinds of machinery are domestic-scaled shredding cum pulverizing machines, medium-scaled shredding cum pulverizing machines.

Medium Scaled Compost Turner

NERD Centre has invented a medium scale compost turner which can be used in compost manufacturing. This is developed by using local resources and used in medium scale & large scale compost manufacturing plants.

Coir Braiding Machine

NERDC has developed an automated machine for braiding coconut coir, which is flat in shape and ideal for many coir products, including door mats, table mats, decoration items, etc. Continuous testing in the industry has proven the quality of the “Coir Braiding Machine” in terms of safety and efficiency. Moreover, the low operation & maintenance cost is another advantage of this machine. With the option of possibility of regulating the braid pitch, the machine can produce uniform flat ropes, which is impossible even for a skilled laborer. Dimensions of the machine are 900mmx600mmx1450mm (LXWXH) in size and the total weight of the machine is 110 Kg. The capacity of the machine is 20 meters per hour. Usage of this machine would increase their revenue and job satisfaction..