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Kulasinghe Auditorium

Kulasinghe auditorium has a facility of approximately 185 seating arrangement. OHP with screen, laptop, podium with audio facility and FM microphones are amenities provided in the auditorium. Can be hired at a fair rate.

Board Room

NERD Centre owns a conference room with all facilities where professional forums/discussions can be held. Consists of 42 high back executive chairs, High quality wooden table with microphones, coffee table & sofa, OHP facility & many more. Can be hired at a fair rate.

Concrete yard

NERDC owned Pre-stressed & Pre-cast concrete yard serves for catering the demand that we get from our customers in relation to manufacturing of Pre-stressed & Pre-cast concrete components. It also manages the internal requirements in developing research & other activities.

Hostel Facilities

Rooms – LKR 500.00/head (RO)


Dining facilities

Technology Incubator

The Technology Incubator of NERC, the state of art facility with modern technology, provides space for inventors to develop their ideas in to prototypes, design facilities with CAD/CAM, manufacturing facilities with modern CNC machines, provide support to develop business plans & consultancy on IP issues.

Laboratory Facilities

NERDC is fully equipped with the latest technology to conduct an extensive array of testing.

Bulb Testing Lab

The bulb testing laboratory where you can have the quality of your lamp and its various characteristics tested to the highest standards. The work done helps create and maintain standards of lighting in offices, public buildings and ensure a standardized process for imports.

Battery Testing Lab

A similar service is provided at the battery testing laboratory. Vehicle batteries are checked against the laid quality standards before they are released to the open market for sale.

Refrigerator Testing Lab

The refrigerator testing laboratory has the capacity to test up to three refrigerators at a single time. This lab performs tests of all kinds, meeting international standards & it is a requirement of performing all these before releasing refrigerators to the market.

Waste water Testing Lab

The wastewater testing laboratory is there for checking waste water dispersed by the factories. And the waste water management system introduced by NERDC is worth in adopting as a solution.

Tensile Testing Unit

This is to test the tensile of the concrete / concrete components that is pre casted.

Concrete Block Testing Unit

NERDC owns a concrete block testing unit which can be used in testing of standards of concrete blocks.

Soil Testing Unit

This unit serves in testing of soils with suitability of soil for manufacturing the cement soil blocks.

NERD Centre Library

NERD Centre Library has a collection of over 8,500 books, journals, periodicals and standards. They are mainly in the areas of the civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electronic & electrical engineering, computer etc. Library receives many popular and expensive journals. Research papers and research project reports are also available in the Library for reference.


Lending Collection

The Lending Library has over 7000 books and Library material. Details of items in this collection can be found using the Online Library Catalogue.

Periodicals Collection

This contains both current and back issues of periodicals, journals which are arranged in alphabetical order. The library receives over 20 titles of current periodicals on subscription. Photocopying facilities are also available in the periodicals. Periodicals are such an important source of information that more than half of the library’s book budget is spent on subscription to periodicals.

Reference Collection

The reference collection contains a wide variety of permanent reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, data books, manuals etc. Any material required will be allowed to be photocopied.

Standards Collection

Sri Lanka Standards (SLS), the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) Standards, IEC Standards and the British Standards (BS) reference manuals are available for reference only.

Thesis & Dissertations Collection

The Library holds copies of all higher degree thesis and dissertations included by PG (Dip), MPhil, and M.Eng.

Special Collection (Project Reports)

NERD Centre project reports are available in the Library for only reference

Online Access

Online access to free E-journals in various disciplines is available through NERD Centre library web page. The library is equipped with the following facilities.
Reading and referencing facilities

  • Lending facilities
  • Current awareness services
  • Inter-library loan facilities through other libraries
  • Access to OPAC (online Public Access) through internet
  • Scanning and photocopying facilities
  • Internet and email facilities

Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC)

Establishing Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC) in Sri Lanka is a joint project of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and National Intellectual Property Office (NIPO) of Sri Lanka.

TISC program in the NERD Centre is designed to provide a diverse range of basic and value-added innovation support services, helping inventors, researchers, and entrepreneurs unlock their innovative potential.

TISC Services

  • Access to online patent and non-patent (scientific and technical) resources
  • Training on access to and use of patent information.
  • Support to inventors in patent filing and related work.
  • Provide quality services on patent search and analysis.
  • Increase awareness of all aspects of intellectual property rights among NERDC staff.
  • Provide necessary assistance to researchers to find technological information in order to develop innovative ideas by providing online access to patent and non-patent information.
  • Access to industrial property-related publications.