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December 1, 2021

National Engineering Research & Development Centre (NERDC), With NARA (National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency) & DFAR (Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources) are collaborated to develop an impactful and feasible refrigeration & storage system for existing multiday (20-40 Days) fishing boats.

Aiming to reduce the unacceptable post-harvest losses (30% – 40%)and retain freshness of harvested fish this was initiated as a collaborative project of above three institutes. The main objectives are to develop the existing fish holder to keep the fish core temperature between -2 to +2 Celsius for 20-40 days, develop a fish storage to keep fish without getting tampered and ease offloading process and to reduce post-harvest losses by 70% from existing condition. And expected out comes of the project are: establish a standard storage system for existing boats, preserve living aquatic resources, create new employment opportunities and upgrading the fishing industry to the next level whilst increasing revenue generation where our GNP will be increased.