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December 1, 2021

National Engineering Research & Development Centre (NERDC), Export Development Board (EDB), Coconut Research Institute (CRI), Coconut Development Authority (CDA) and Fibre Millers Association & Exporter Association of Coconut based Substrate are in collaboration to develop a Coir Pith Dryer

The proposed dryer,which is powered by diesel and electricity is a rotary dryer with concurrent material flow. The dryer is 10m long and has a cylinder diameter of 1.2m. NERDC will design & develop the machine. The estimated research & development cost will be 6.75 Million LKR. Out of that amount, 3.5 Million LKR is contributed by CRI, whereas the rest 3.25 Million LKR will be invested by NERDC. The detailed design was completed & the fabrication was commenced in the year 2020. This project is expected to complete by end of year 2021.