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Our Departments

Our Departments

Civil Engineering Department(CED)

Civil Engineering Department is one of the oldest departments and established 40 Years ago. Most popular cost effective building technology was started by one of the pioneers of NERD Centre, late Vidyajothi Dr. A.N.S. Kulasinghe. There after lot of engineers contributed their knowledge to uplift the cost effective building technology and other development of infrastructures. So far, there are lot of cost effective buildings were constructed around the country in each district in provinces including all Northern and southern provinces. At present main objective of the Civil Department is to carry out R & D activities (Research and Development Activities) by introducing and developing new construction materials and technologies for the development of the Country. Civil Engineering Department involves transferring the cost effective NERDC technology for the public through training programmes around the Country to establish entrepreneurs in the construction field.

Development & Projects Department (DPD)

Development & Projects Department undertakes jobs on following disciplines with the purpose of dissemination of NERDC developed technologies and generating income to the center. Providing Civil Engineering consultancy services, construction of cost effective buildings and structures, sales of pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete items and manufacture and supply of products, construction, fabrication, installation, repair and improvements of plants and periodic services of cremators are major tasks performed by the department. DPD owns a Central Workshop for carrying out WS practices related to departmental research & development works, a Maintenance unit for carrying out Maintenance activities at NERDC and a Rehabilitation work of the buildings and the infra-structure at NERDC.

Energy & Environmental Engineering Department (ENED)

Energy & Environmental Engineering Department basically focuses on conducting R&D for development of technologies to harness renewable energy sources and to implement environmental management systems for industrial applications. Industrial technology development such as crematoria, incinerators and industrial dryers, offering consultancy, applications of renewable energy for harnessing energy and conducting training programs are the other services offered by the department.

Mechatronics Department (MD)

The major tasks of Mechatronics Department are improving industry processes & efficiency through automations, robotics & industry training in the field of mechatronics. Other than that there are many tasks that they perform such as Mechatronic educational programs, customized mechatronics educational programs for the industry, undertake contract researches, collaborative research and commercial research with outside research partners, assisting inventors to develop their product in the mechatronics context, providing consultations and advises for the industries and other governmental/non-governmental entities and In-house research & developments as per the social and industry needs.

Agricultural Engineering & Machine Development Department (AE&MD)

The work of the Agriculture Engineering field of NERDC has had an impact on diverse agricultural sectors such as Cinnamon, cashew-nut, Rice cultivation, Coconut products and vegetable farming and minimizing post-harvest losses to name a few. Its work has also been hugely impactful on small to medium industries such as food production, bottling and sorting. Ayurveda machinery is another area of machine development.

Electrical & Electronics Department (E&ED)

Our work in the field of Electrical and Electronics engineering has a long history of research and development work. Research conducted in the field of electrical and electronics engineering which have led to provide better solutions for many industrial problems. Some of the well-known results include the battery charge regulator, tablet counter and LED lamps. The department also engages in consultancy work in this field. Few other technologies & products that can be mentioned are Smart Parking system, FM sensitive Street Lighting system & Smart Homes through Energy conservation.

Techno Marketing Department (TMD)

Techno Marketing Department bridges the general public, entrepreneurs, students and other stake holders with NERD Centre. Being the key department of the NERDC on technology dissemination & popularization and communication it performs many tasks by covering many areas.

Introduction of technologies developed by NERDC, conduct training programmes on NERDC technologies, handling of technology transfers, expelling demonstration programmes & workshops on NERDC technologies & processes, representing NERDC in exhibitions & trade fairs national & international level, conducting awareness programmes, executing market research for potential & existing technologies, identify customer needs & communicate with relevant departments on potential projects & technologies, popularization of NERDC technologies, coordination with government & non governmental organizations, conducting entrepreneurship development programmes are key function of the department. Furthermore, functions such as monitoring & evaluation of licensees, liaison between NERDC licensees & research departments for further developments, attending of patent & trade mark related facts & coordination of NERDC Technology Park & Engineering Museum, too.

Energy & Environmental Services Department (E&ESD)

Services relating to the Energy and Environmental Department consist of consultancies on Waste water treatment, Energy Management, Sound & Vibration monitoring and Air pollution monitoring. Calibration of laboratory equipment according to the standards, providing required consultancies on any environmental issues for large scale, medium scale & small scale factories are major areas of work pertaining to this department.

Technology Incubator (TI)

The Technology Incubator of NERC, the state of art facility with modern technology, provides space for inventors to develop their ideas in to prototypes, design facilities with CAD/CAM, manufacturing facilities with modern CNC machines, provide support to develop business plans & consultancy on IP issues.