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About Us


About Us

In 1974 Eng. DLO Mendis , a planning ministry representative of the Industrial Development Board was request by Mr. Hector Abayawardana to plan out an Institution to bridge the gap between an Industrial extension service organization as IDB and scientific research institute as the CISIR. Eng. DLO Mendis wrote the cabinet paper, which was agreed by the Hon. Minister of Industries and scientific affairs T.B. Subasinghe .

Thus the NERDC was in acted by an act of parliament under Special gazette Notification (No 124/6) was published under the Industrial Corporation Act No. 49 of 1957, on 14 August 1974. NERDC became operational during the latter part of 1974 , with as its first chairman. The centre was located from a Small section of the Industrial Development Board complex at Katubadda Moratuwa, with the intake of support staff as engineers and clerical grades, subsequently the office was locates at a more space building at Gall roar. Colombo-03. In September 1978 office was shifted to present location of IDB Industrial Estate Ekala Ja-Ela.


Our Mission is
Best in The Innovation


To be a Centre of Excellence, in Engineering Research and Development in the South Asia Region


Engage in Research and Development activities to develop, acquire, adapt and transfer Engineering Technologies that would have a direct impact on the Socio Economic Development of Sri Lanka, while creating a culture within the organization to harness innovation and creativity of employees and stakeholders.



  • To provide for the institutional mechanism needed for the progressive development of indigenous technology by encouraging, recognizing and developing innovative and creative talent in Sri Lanka.
  • To provide facilities to co-ordinate the technological, engineering and research capabilities of various public and private sector industries and institutions in a productive manner through co-operative endeavor.
  • To ensure by adoption and adaptation the choice of technologies that would be consistent with the country’s resource endowments and national planning objectives
  • To examine direct and indirect mechanism of technology transfer and offer counsel to appropriate government and private institutions in Sri Lanka, when required to do so.
  • To promote the optimal exploitation of the country’s human and material resources, particularly labor and raw material resources by promoting the growth of suitable technology.
  • To design, manufacture, and test prototype machinery, pilot plants as demanded by Industrial, commercial and other end users in an economical manner.
  • To provide for continuous monitoring of technological data and documentation relating to engineering designs and research through the co-operation of international and national agencies.
  • To offer sustained consultancy services to public and private sector enterprise and undertake research and promote training activities to broaden the base of the country’s engineering and industrial design and research capabilities.
  • To make provision for purpose connected with engineering, research and development related to matters aforesaid.