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Product Number Date
An Improvement on the cross flow double shot hydro-turbine for increasing efficiency 9048 06.08.1982
lMethod to increase the head available from and Air Lift Pump 9389 11.05.1984
lReplacement of Petrol by Vegetable Oils and / or other Mineral Oils for the operation of Internal Combustion (Spark Ignition) Engines 9748 08.01.1988
lPneumatic Water Piston Pump 9958 26.04.1990
lSemi dry process of bio gas production. 10124 18.05.1990
lSolar still with inclined corrugated basin and reinforced concrete frame. 10125 18.04.1990
lAn improved solar water heater with an elliptical integrated hot water storage tank.  10320 27.12.1991
lLankan Mobile bio fertilizer generator. 10892 11.03.1996
lIdle jet control unit for petrol vehicles. 10869 04.04.1996
lFoot operated Coconut de husker. 10914 17.05.1996
lPermanent magnet generator for low speed operations lSaw dust / Paddy husk fuelled bakery oven 10950  05.07.1996
lBio gas generator for market garbage disposing. 11086 01.02.1997 
lImproved Integrated solar water heater. 11189  08.09.1997
lImproved diesel saving device for duel fuel (Diesel + Bio gas) engine.       11562 05.02.1999 
lAnaerobic - granular bacterial system for coconut waste water via                11632 14.05.1999 
lSolar desalination to obtain potable water. 11637 01. 05.1999
lTender Coconut King coconut puncher 11854 01.10.1999
lLow cost improved non ferrous melting furnace 12015  01. 07.2000 
lSmall Scale Coconut Oil Extractor 12135 18.10.2000 
lKitchen Waste Anaerobic Digester 12185 13.02.2001 
lForced Draft Smokeless Firewood Stove 12186 21.02.2001 
lPelleting Process for the manufacture of fuel pellets out of kitchen waste/ saw dust / paddy husk 12337 21.06.2001 
lHydraulic Jack Operated Coconut Oil Expeller 12512 13.02.2002
Improved smokeless natural draft wood gas stove  13034 16.06.2010
Airtight ferrocement bin 13164 27.08.2013
Biomass hot air generator 14043 31.10.2006
Segmented screw type Virgin Coconut Oil Expeller 14112 29.08.2008
Biomass rice cooker 14613 20.11.2008
Improved smokeless natural draft wood gas stove 13034 16.06.2010
Airtight ferrocement bin 13164 27.08.2013
Improved heat controllable industrial Stove 15795 31.12.2013
Flexible type screw feeding system for fuel wood chips, with a  Twin screw type wood chips distributing system 16444 04.06.2014
Small scale continuous pepper seed separating machine 16327 09.05.2017

Palmyrah  Juice  Extractor



Power Weeder for row seeded/ row planted paddy field



Fertilizer Applicator for Coconut Trees



Toe Operated Prosthetic Hand



Compact system for treatment of waste water in automobile service stations



A lifting mechanism for easy operation of lifting gates in irrigation canals using a floater



Mechanized Device for Slip-Form Wall Construction



International Awards
International Inventions - Geneva
Semi- dry Process Biogas Generator-1996
Local Awards
Presidential Awards
Idle Jet Control Unit for Petrol Vehicles   - 1996, 1st Place
Forced Draft Smokeless Firewood Stove  - 2000, 1st Place
Small scale Coconut Oil Extractor - 2002, 2nd Place
National S&T Award
Value Addition to mineral Resources  - 2005
Development of cost effective panel slab  - 2005
cost effective construction technology  - 2005
Presidential Awards - 2007 given for building construction NERDC Licensees
Mr A.E Ariyadasa(Salhul Concrete constructor)  -1st Place
Mr W.P.K Jayawardana(Radiant Concrete constructor)   -2nd Place

Productivity awards

The best annual reports and Accounts award -2016

ISO 17025 Accreditation for Waste Water Testing and Noise Level Measurements by aiming the better services to the industries.

APCTT                                  -   Tech Transfer
WAITRO                               -    R&D Training
SWERA/UNEP                    -    Solar & Wind resource assessments
UNDP                                   -    Capacity Building
CMTI-India                           -    Advance Manufacturing Technology
STQC with India                 -    Lab accreditation
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