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Ticket issuing : 8.30 am - 3.00 pm - Currently Technology Park & Museum are opened from Monday to Friday due to the pandemic situation.
The Engineering Museum

The Engineering Museum is established by the National Engineering Research & Development Centre on 14th October 2013 at Nerdc – Ekala . Now it is open for the public & students


The objectives of the NERDC Engineering museum is to educate, entertain and excite specially children, youth and people of different backgrounds by making science, technology and engineering accessible to them. It will be a meeting place especially for students and adults to learn about history of local engineering and technological developments of Sri Lanka and the need for strengthening the research and development activities carried out by having a display centre.


●       To make aware the history of local engineering technologies to the present generation &future generation. of Sri Lanka

●       To make opportunities to enhance the creativity of students and youths leading to innovations and new inventions
●       To demonstrate basic engineering principles for different applications.

The General Goals

●       To build and reinforce a mechanism for researching, conserving and sharing of information of our ancient engineering technologies that has passed through generations to present day.

●       To assist to lay a foundation for educational, social and cultural development in a balanced and in a sustainable manner

●       To promote the development and management of resources to suit local environment.

Engineering is a part of our culture and society and the recent years we & our technology are witnessing unprecedented growth in various fields of science and technology, such as water Engineering, materials technology, construction technology, medical science, biotechnology, information and communications technology, etc.. In order to fully comprehend these developments and their impacts on the socio-economic progress, particularly in an engineering and science museums play a vital role because visual impression helps in the process of quickly grasping various facts of the new knowledge.

Such establishments provide a distinctive networking between the community, the school and the home giving them a unique role in educational infrastructure

Major sectors in the Engineering Museum are;  Soil-Water Eco-Systemv  Transport Sectorv  Construction Technologyv  Telecommunication Sectorv  Ancient Tools and Equipmentsv  Agriculture and Plantation Sectorv  New Inventors Gallery/ Achievers’ Galleryv  Planetary Systemv  Air-conditioned Auditorium with 3D Theatre




Officer in Charge –
Museum NERD Centre of Sri Lanka
2 p/ 17 B,
I.D.B. Industrial Estate,
Sri Lanka.
Email : techno@nerdc.lk
Phone No: 011 2234267 , 011-2236307, 011-2236384
Fax No. 011-2233153

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