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Deparment Services
Civil Material & Soil testing 
Civil Consultancy Service for building constructions
TI Computer Aided Design & CNC precision Manufacturing Facility
TI High speed Product Scanning
E/E&M Solar PV, Solar Home Systems and Lamp Testing Laboratory
E/E&M Consultancy for Electrical Installations of buildings
E/E&M Consultancy for industrial control system
E/E&M Instrument calibrations
E/E&M Consultancy for CFL importers and manufacturers
E/E&M Consultancy for Battery importers 
E&EMC Environmental Engineering & Management Consultancy Services 
E&EMC Energy Management Consultancy Service
E&EMC Energy Aspects & Environmental Aspects
E&EMC Electrical Aspects and Thermal Aspects Energy Audits
E&EMC Consultancy for selection of machinery such as pumps/ blowers/ Compressors etc
E&EMC Consultancy for process improvements
E&EMC Guidance for Productivity Improvements
RED Laboratory Testing Services of Analyzing Calorific Value of Solid or Liquid Fuels
RED Micro Hydro  Turbine testing facility up to 10kw
RED Consultancy services of Crematorium technology (L.P.Gas and Producer gas)
RED Consultancy services of Incineration technology
RED Consultancy services of Biogas technology 
RED Laboratory testing services of producer gas and biogas analysis 
RED Providing workshop facilities and guidance for further development of inventions.
RED Supporting for patent drafting.
RED Providing invention related expertise services such as attending in evaluation panels, delivering lecture on inventions etc.
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