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Research Title Advancement of NERDC Cremator
Key words cremator
Names of Researchers
1. Eng. Nandana Edirisinghe    
Description Decomposing by means of combustion associated with the final stage of the funeral events has become the trend, especially in populated and modern day societies. With limited land space availability for burial grounds, cremation has become the most viable option. A new cremator is developed for advancement of the cost effective type NERDC LP gas fuelled cremator technology which was introduced in 1999 to local government authorities of Sri Lanka. The cremator is being installed as a collaborative project with Kurunegala Municipal Council at the cemetery of Kurunegala. The combustion chamber of the proposed cremator was configured as a combination of primary and secondary chambers, mainly for the maintenance of a better gas phase residence time above 2 seconds, and for the reliably maintaining of chamber temperatures within 800 – 8500C while operating at minimum 6% excess air level of flue gas. An Air-Ejector was included in creating the draft in combination with the forced dra
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