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Mechanization of Conventional NERDC Slip-form Wall
NERDC slip form technology wall construction side shutters lifting arrangement mechanization.
Design and Development of a Mechanism to Cut Weeds Grown in Tanks of Breeding Fresh Water Fish
This research aimed to design low cost, user-friendly mechanical device to cut aquatic weeds
Conversion of Diesel Fired Air Heating System to Chip Wood Fired System
The objective of this project is fuel switching from diesel to biomass in tea drying in the tea industry. It includes a biomass pre-furnace, conveyer type fuel wood feeding system and the controlling system.
Design & Fabrication of a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
To develop a cost effective and user friendly HBOC (Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber) for giving an effective treatment for all types of wounds with acute and chronic damaged tissues
Development of Smoked Fish Processing unit for SMEs
Objective of this research project is to develop fish smoking unit to minimize Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) contaminations of smoked fish at safe levels
Advancement of NERDC Cremator
Development of Aquatic Weeding Machine
Development of an Efficient Dryer for Roof-Tile Industry
Development of Machinery and Equipment for Coconut Industry
Objectives of this research are; 1.To develop an effective coconut harvesting device 2.To develop manual coconut de-husker 3.To develop industrial type coconut de-husker
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