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Research Title Fertilizer Applicator for Coconut Estates
Key words Fertilizer,coconut estates
Names of Researchers
1. Eng.S.A.P.S.Silva    
Description Fertilization of coconut trees is a time consuming and labour intensive process, which has become a problem for coconut estate owners due to inadequate availability of human labour and reliable technology for applying fertilizer. This innovative fertilizer applicator improves efficiency of fertilization process, reduces the cost of fertilization process and increases the absorption of fertilizer to plants. This applicator consists of a fertilizer-spreading mechanism, a feed hopper and a modified rotavator. The modified rotavator facilitates loosening the soil surface and damages the feeding roots of the palm tree. Average time taken for application of fertilizer for one palm tree is two minutes with two labourers. According to the field investigation reports, it has been revived that overall saving of cost for fertilization with applicator is about 35%. Currently developed fertilizer applicators for three sizes of two wheel tractors respectively 5hp,8hp and
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Contact Person Eng.S.A.P.S.Silva
Address NERD Centre
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