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Research Title Power Weeder for Row Seeded/ Row Planted Paddy Fields
Key words power weeder, row seeded, row planted
Field Agriculture
Names of Researchers
1. Eng.S.A.P.S.Silva    
2. Eng.P.M.Y.S.Pathiraja    
Description Use of man power for the weeding of paddy fields is uneconomical due to high cost of labour and use of weedicides is not environmentally friendly due to harmful chemical substances. As a solution, National Engineering Research and Development Centre of Sri Lanka hasdeveloped a power weeder for row seeded / row planted paddy fieldsto remove weeds. The engine used for the power weeder is 1.25kW vertical shaft petrol engine and it has designed to control weeds in the fields with 6-8 inch gaps between paddy rows. The weeding capacity and the fuel consumption of the power weeder is0.25 Ac/h and 4 l/Ac respectively. The machine is easy to handle due to the light weight of the power weeder. Weeding components of the machine and the operator are well protected by mud guards. The machine is a solution to the weeding problem in Sri Lankan paddy fields which save time and money in addition to the labor scarcity problem. Moreover, this machine can be introduced as environmentally friendly device
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Contact Person Eng.S.A.P.S.Silva
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Contact Number 0112-236284
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