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Research Title Bio-mass Rice Cooker
Key words Biomass,Rice,Cooker
Field Energy
Names of Researchers
1. Mr. DM Punchibanda    
Description Bio-mass Rice Cooker an excellent new technology developed by NERD Centre.It is a rice cooker which uses prices of coconut shells as fuel, the action of which is very similar to the electric rice cooker.The cooked rice can be used as a normal stove, for cooking, boiling etc. other purposes. • Can cook 1 kg rice using 02 coconut shells • Cooking time – 40 min • No over cooking or burning at the bottim • No blackening of the rice pan • Can keep rice warm for around 08 hours • Can boil 3 liters of water • No need of special attention while in operation
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Project Details
Contact Person Eng Punchibanda
Address NERDC
Contact Number 0094-11-2236284
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