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Research Title Compact Wastewater Treatment (WWT) Facility for Vehicle Service Stations
Key words Compact, Service Station, Wastewater
Names of Researchers
1. P M G Pathiraja (Senior Research Scientist)    
2. N P T Perera (Research Engineer)    
Description Wastewater generation is a common issue for vehicle service stations since it contains hazardous and untreated impurities. Currently available gravity settling multiple tank treatment method and chemical coagulation method have drawbacks such as excessive space requirement and high operational cost due to frequent chemical dosing respectively. In addition to that those systems have to be constructed at the site and there’s no pre-fabricated, compact type, user friendly treatment unit available in the local market. In this compact wastewater treatment system effluent collected to initial collection tank to separates large solid parts and floating matter is pumped to the oil/sludge separator. A filter medium made out of coir is placed in the separator to increase the surface area and it enhances the separation of oil and solids using gravity. Separated water is then flows through two slow sand filters and activated carbon filter for further polishing. Sludge collected
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Project Details
Contact Person Eng. N P T Pererea (Research Engineer)
Address NERD Centre of Sri Lanka
Contact Number 0112 236284
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