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Research Title Field trial; Horizontal sub surface flow wetland for domestic wastewater treatment
Key words domestic wastewater treatment
Names of Researchers
1. Mrs. P M G Pathiraja    
2. Miss. N P T Perera    
Description Being simple in construction, with very little involvement in maintenance and operation, constructed wetlands are a good option for treating domestically generated wastewater. Present study was carried out to treat the grey water generated from four member family at Makewita, Ekala. Main objective of this research study was to introduce cost effective, easy to operate grey water treatment unit which can be built to fit harmoniously into the existing landscape of the home garden. The treatment system consists of a grit chamber, a oil trap and a sub-surface horizontal flow constructed wetland. Instead of typical reeds and rushes, Lasia spinosa was planted as the wetland plant due to its edible nature and system was continuously fed with grey water. It was observed that the performance of this horizontal sub surface flow constructed wetland for grey water treatment was satisfactory with 2.6 days retention time as TSS, BOD, COD and feacal coliform levels were well
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Contact Person Mrs. P M G Pathiraja – Senior Research Scientist
Address NERD Centre of Sri Lanka
Contact Number -
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