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Research Title Virgin Coconut Oil Extractor
Key words coconut,oil,extractor
Names of Researchers
1. Ms YMMK Ranatunge    
Description In the production process, oil entrapped in coconut cells is extracted without subjecting to heat below 60 degree C. There is no risk of oil being rancid and depositing various mildews in the oil. Free fat acid value stands at 0.15 – 0.2. Production process under 65 degree C, is 100% natural and the oil is rich with vitamins and nutritions Main steps in production of virgin quality oil are: 1.Scraping of coconut flesh into fine particles 2.Drying to 8-10% moisture content (wb) by sun drying or using mechanical drier, 3.Extraction of oil, 4.Heating in a water bath to remove excess moisture, followed by 5.Filtration to remove any sediment. Three types of extractors are developed depending on the capacity as follows. 1.Extractor for domestic use: Table mounted extractor which can produce about 100ml oil from one coconut at a time. 2.Cottage level extractors: i. Manually operated extractor: The extractor can produce 300 to 350ml of oil per batch.
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