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Research Title Manioc Slicer
Key words Manioc,Slicer
Field Agriculture
Names of Researchers
1. Eng KYHD Shantha    
Description Fried Manioc chips are well popular short food among Sri Lankans. The problem, which the fried manioc industry is facing now a day, is in the area of preparation of manioc chips of desirable size and shape. The ability to obtain desirable size and shape of manioc slices is low and inconsistent in quality because of its human labor. Manioc Slicer developed by A&PHT Department of NERDC is capable of cutting manioc of desirable shape and size in a short time and has a demand among the people who have currently involved in the industry. This manioc slicer is operated by 180 W single phase motor. Normally the machine has the capacity of 50-60 kg /hr slicing manioc to a thickness of 0.8 mm with the facility of adjusting the slice thickness.
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Contact Person Eng KYHD Shantha
Address NERDC
Contact Number 0094-11-2236284
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