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Research Title Palmyrah Juice extractor
Key words Palmyrah,extractor
Field Agriculture
Names of Researchers
1. Mrs YMMK Ranatunge    
Description Palmyrah is extensively grown in northern and eastern regions and extraction of juice form nuts is one of the main important products produced in this industry. Extraction of juice from palmyrah nut is a cottage industry and the juice is used to produce various food products like cordial, pinnatu, jam. Presently juice entrapped in the husk is collected manually by adding water after removing the outer cover, which is a labour intensive task. The NERD Centre of Sri Lanka has developed a motor driven extractor to extract juice in the husk. This was tested in the field under supervision of officials of the Palmyrah Development Board and it gave satisfactory performance. After peeling the outer skin of the fruits as in the traditional method, the separated nuts are fed into the perforated drum with little water and the drum is rotated. juice is removed through the valve fitted at the bottom of the outer drum. Take the partially juice removed seeds out and squeeze remaining juice in the
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Contact Person Mrs YMMK Ranatunge
Address NERDC
Contact Number 0094-11-2236284
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