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Research Title Airtight Ferrocement Paddy Bin
Key words Ferrocement,Paddy,Bin
Names of Researchers
1. Dr. TB Adikarinayaka    
Description At farm level, paddy is stored in gunny bags in a corner of their houses. Since these bags are exposed to insects, rats and high moist environment, losses are high. It is difficult to apply insecticides to control insects since the stock is pilled up in their living rooms. In this regard, the NERD Centre has successfully developed a cost effective modern storage method to preserve paddy at farm level until it is sold at a high price. This storage bin is made out of ferrocement. The bin has a similarity in shape to the conventional paddy bissa. It has a 2500 kg holding capacity, equivalent to 100 bushels of paddy, the average yield of an acre of paddy field. It is a completely an airtight container constructed on three V-shaped vertical columns. Operation of the bin When the paddy with insects and their eggs are stored in the bin under air tight condition, oxygen concentration inside the bin is decreased due to metabolic activities of insects and grair itself increasing carbon
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Contact Person Eng KYD Shantha
Address NERDC
Contact Number 0094-11-2236284
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