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Development & Project Department was established in 2017 with an objective of delivering the technological services to Sri Lankan people and industries in almost all engineering disciplines. In addition, Development & Project department involves in taking NERDC technologies to industry in various means such as making of machines as per the developed prototype by R&D departments, modifying the developed technologies as per the customer requirements until the technology being transferred. This department is enriched with Engineers, Architects, Technical Officers, Technical Assistants and Skilled Workers in addition to the other resources at NERDC

We provide following services to industries

  • Consultancy services especially Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.
  • Undertake the Civil construction work of buildings, foot bridges etc.
  • Undertake the construction of Crematoria, Incinerators and related construction work and fabrications.
  • Construction of pre-stressed concrete components and pre-cast components for low cost housing technologies as per the customer needs.
Civil Engineering Consultancy Services
● Architectural designs
Structural designs
● Estimate for civil engineering construction works
● Consultancy services for civil engineering construction works
Civil Engineering Construction Works
● Cost effective building construction
● Building construction with conventional systems
Footbridges up to 30-0 clear spans
● Ferro-cement, water tanks
● Retaining walls using pre-stressed/pre-cast concrete components
Pre-cast/Pre Stressed Concrete Components
● Pre-stressed concrete columns for NERDC cost effective construction systems
● Pre-stressed concrete beams for composite slab systems
Pre-stressed concrete pergolas
● Pre-cast concrete stringer beams, steps and spiral steps for staircases
● Ferro-cement canopies
Ferro cement toilets
/Pre cast door and window frame
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