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The Energy & Environmental Engineering Department( ENED) mainly engages in following research areas

  1. Renewable Energy Applications
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Environmental Protection
  4. Solid Waste Management
  5. Industrial productivity improvement
  6. Cremation and Incineration

Ongoing R & D Projects

a) Development of an efficient dryer for roof tile industry

There has been an issue for existence of roof tile industry as they are in a difficult position to sustain their market due to 1) Increase of labour wages 2) 20% of rejects after drying  and 3) introduction of alternative roofing material by other industries.
To overcome this situation the Ministry of Industries and commerce with the Roof Tile Industry Association inquired from NERDC on Developing a roof tile dryer with required provisions to reduce defects as well as labour requirement.
NERDC, completed the design part in 2016 and tri-party MOU was signed at the end of Dec. 2016. Fabrication work  and installation at the site at Waikkala , completed  by end of Jan. 2018.
Fabrication work comprised with basic structure of dryer( 100ft long and 12 feet wide), 14 nos of trolleys to carry about 1200 tiles per batch, heating system comprising with the furnace, heating duct pipes and the chimney, laying insulations around the structure and manual mechanism for lifting, pushing and unloading trolleys.
Several trials were  conducted  in Feb- April 2018 period and the results were encouraging with regards to the reduction of rejects and the period of drying.

Frount viewInside the dryer

b.) Enhancement of Environmental Performance of Cremator developed by NERDC in 1990s

NERDC introduced a single chamber cremator to facilitate funerals for local authorities in 1990s. As a result then imported technology was replaced and about 150 crematoria were built around Sri Lanka replacing the traditional method of burying of human bodies.
However, rapid urbanization and stringent environmental regulations have caused us to improve the environmental performance of the cremator by controlling the emissions thus to protect the environment from any possible negative impacts.
The new cremator is being installed at the cemetery of Kurunegala Municipal Council. This project was started in early 2018 as a collaborative project with  Kurunegal Municipal Council .

c) Community based solid waste management project for Kothmale CEB

This project was commenced in July 2017, with the objective of providing a sustainable integrated solid waste management solution for the community occupied CEB employees at Mawathura, Kothmale.
As components of the projects 1) community awareness 2) construction of two biogas digesters to dispose perishable waste 3) Improvement of segregated garbage collection system and 4) Construction of an incinerator to dispose combustible waste which is not suitable for recycling.
80% of the project work has been completed by April 2018.

Bio1 Bio2

Simultaneously another two projects have been implemented for solid waste management with biogas technology for a cluster of houses at Batuwatta, Ragama with the assistance of Jaela Divisional Secretariat and for Sri Lanka Institute of Development  Administration( SLIDA)  with financial assistance of GIZ, Colombo office. Those two projects are at completion stage at the end of April 2018.

Biogas digester system at SLIDA         
d). Development of “  Refuse Derive Fuel” ( RDF)

Research project was commenced in Jan. 2018, in order to investigate about optimum available waste mixtures in our MSW , to produce  RDF pellets at the laboratory and assess the energy contents of various mixtures and to produce our experimental results at a wide forum.
Project is to be continued till end of 2018.

e). Implementation of firewood feeding system developed by NERDC for tea drying

This firewood feeding system has been introduced by NERDC some time back. The new project is aimed at implementation of the feeding system at field level at Ratnapura as a collaborative research project with TRI.

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