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Foster the Electrical & Electronics Engineering industry through R & D inputs and providing industry support services and hence to make contribution to economic & social development of the people in Sri Lanka
To engage in R & D work in the area of Electrical & Electronics Engineering to identifying the needs which have direct bearing on industrial development and thereby developing technologies that would help the economic development of the country and improvement of the living Standard of the people
The functions of the Electrical  Electronic & Mechatronic engineering department are oriented to achieve the following objectives
To provide institutional mechanism need to achieve the goals set by the NERDC.
To promote the optimal exploitation of the countries human and material resources by promoting the growth of suitable technologies.
To design, fabricate and test prototype machinery, pilot plants and provide support services as demanded by industrial commercial other end users.
To offer consultancy & testing services to public and private sector enterprise and undertake research & developed work to broaden the countries engineering capabilities.
To provide for continuous monitoring of technological data and documentation relating to engineering designs and research through the cooperation of relevant agencies.
To provide engineering support services through technology development to public & private sector industries to achieve the countries industries development.
To make provision for purpose connected with Engineering research and development related to matters aforesaid.


Milk pale washing machine
The main objectives of this project was to identify the short comings in the existing process and to design a better automated pails washing machine to over come the identified short comings.
CNC PCB Drilling/Engraving machine
This is a CNC controlled PCB drilling/engraving machine, that developing for our PCB drilling and Engraving requirements. This is a good training exercise as well. Above shows the design of 3 axes CNC machine that we are going to develop for above purposes. We are using CNC controller package with servo motors for this application.
Design of a IGC
Induction motors are widely used as generators in micro-hydro power schemes due to its simplicity, availability, cost effectiveness and robustness. Constant generator output can be gained by proper controlling voltage and frequency within acceptable value by connecting resistive ballast, which maintains the sum of the load and the ballast at a constant value. Induction Generator Controller (IGC) is developed recently to control voltage and frequency in micro-hydro schemes. The new IGC is expect to design with a PIC16F876 microcontroller and low power circuitry with TRIACs.
We carryout research in the field of electrical & electronic engineering. For the past years we have completed many successful research projects.
Completed Research Projects of the Department
d Battery Charge Regulator for Solar Home Systems
d Tablet Counter
d Battery Powered Wheel Chair
d LED Lamp
d IGC- Up to 5 kW
d 1 kW PMG
d Teaching Aids for school
Consultancy & Product Testing
Consultancy work of the department spreads in different areas in the electrical and electronics fields. Department offered consultancy services for industries, importers of electrical and electronic items, small and medium level local manufacturers, government institutions, general public and other internal department of the NERD Centre. Some of the services are;
• Consultancy for Electrical Installations of buildings
• Consultancy for industrial control system
• Instrument calibrations
• Preparation of specifications for procurement of Electrical, electronic and computer items   for the centre
• Consultancy for CFL importers and manufacturers
• Consultancy in SPV and SHS field
• Consultancy for Battery importers

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