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To Enhance the Capability and global Competitiveness of nation’s Precision Machining Industry through Technical Services, Consultancy and R&D.
The Centre for Manufacturing Excellence (CME) was established in year 2001 with the purpose of supporting local industries to become more competitive through the right application of advance manufacturing technologies and Act as a Technology Demonstration Centre .to be a centre of reference for precision machining industries, research institutes and academic institutions in Sri Lanka. The main objective of CME is to act as an institutional mechanism to transfer the state of the art CAD/CAM backed up by CNC machining technologies for the benefit of small and medium scale industries and mould & die makers of Plastic, Rubber, Glass and Sheet Metal industry of Sri Lanka in particular.

Engineering Design and Manufacturing

Precision Machining
Mould/Die Design, Manufacturing, Modification and Repairs
Cylindrical Grinding
Heat Treatment
High speed Product Scanning
Computer Aided product Design/Modeling
Upgrade SME’s engaged in mould/die making
Promote investors to set up mould making facilities

Training Facilities

Computer Aided Drafting
Computer Aided 3D Modeling
CAD/CAM Applications
CNC Machine Operations & Programming
CNC- Milling Machine
CNC- Lathe  Machine
CNC-  Wire EDM machine
CNC-  EDM machine
Plastic  Injection  Mould  Design using CAD/CAM
Other Programs
Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Die and Mould ManufacturingTailor-made educational programs for Universities, technical Colleges and Schools in the areas:
Industry Supportive Programs

CNC Milling Machine (4 Axes)

Deckel Maho/Germany
Max Work Piece size  :  (X-1200,Y-880,Z-800) mm

CNC EDM - 4 Axes ( with C Axis)

Ona Techno /Spain
Max Work Piece size  :    (W-800, D-600, H-350) mm


Max Work Piece size : (820 X 730 X 300) mm
Table Stroke – (520 X 370) mm

CNC Lathe Machine

Victor V26 / Thaiwan
Working area  (Dia.500mm X1100mm)

Surface Grinder

Working area  (1000mm X 500mm)
Max Work piece weight: 1000 Kg

Cylindrical Grinder

Supertech / China
External (Dia 250mmX500mm)
Internal (Dia 30-100mmX 110 mm)
Internal Grinding Attachment Spindle speed: 12000-18000 rpm

High Temperature Electric Furnace

Max Temp.: 1450 C
Chamber size : 500x375x250 mm

High Speed Product Scanning

(Cyclone – UK)
Contact scaning system
Max Work Piece size: 600x500x400 mm
Max Work piece weight: 200Kg
Data Output : Point Cloud

Injection Moulding Technology

Tie bar Distance : 510 x 510 mm
Mould Height (Min/ Max) : 200 / 510 mm
Injection Weight :  304g
Plasticizing Capacity : 19.4 g/s

Horizontal Boring Machine

Make : USSR
Work piece size :up to (X2000, Y1500, Z1200) mm
Work piece load :up to 2500kg
Universal Milling Machine / Precision Lath
Tig welding / Spot Welding
2-D Copy Milling and Engraving
Mould polishing equipments
Digital Height Gauge
Digital Hardness Tester
Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester
Profile Projector
Computer Aided Drafting
Computer Aided 3D Modeling
CAD/CAM Applications
CNC Machine Operations & Programming
Plastic  injection  mould  design using cad/cam  
Other Programs
Department of Agriculture & Post Harvest Technology
Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Design Fabrication & Consultancy to Industries
Department of Electrical, Electronic & Mechatronic
Department of Energy and Environmental Management
Department of Renewable Energy
Department of Techno Marketing
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