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During the last 10 year period of establishing the department, several important projects have been undertaken to develop and followings are the most successful projects which are already introduced to the relevant end-users.
1. Equipments developed for food sector
Some of the equipments developed for food sector
Saw dust fueled bakery oven
Electrically operated yogurt incubator
Cashew drier
Cashew roaster
Cinnamon oil extractor
Virgin coconut oil extractors
Dough mixer
Palmyrah juice extracor
2. Equipments developed for agricultural sector
Some of the equipments developed for food sector
Foot operated coconut de-husker
King coconut punching device
Two wheel tractor driven parboiled paddy mill
Airtight paddy bin
Vegetable slicing equipments
Tea and scraped coconut driers
3. Equipments developed for other fields
Some of the equipments developed for food sector
Urea-Molasses bricks making equipments for cattle
Compressed soil block making machines
Bakery vendor
Palmyrah juice extractor
Power weeder for paddy field
Paddy field ridge making device
Efficient banana handling method to deduce losses in transportation
Pepper harvesting/ threshing equipment at farm level
Seed oil extractor
Semi automated string hopper machine.
Laboratory analysis
Physical analysis of grains
Moisture determination of material
Soluble sugar content of food material
Free fatty acid content
Total oil content
Gas analysis using ORSAT Apparatus
Sieve analysis of particles
Laboratory equipments
Moisture meters, PH meters, RH meters
Viscosity meter, Refractrometer
Fruit firmness tester
Hot water bath
ORSAT apparatus
Laboratory steam boiler
Solvent extraction equipment
Laboratory oven

Workshop equipments
Sheet shearing machines
Sheet bending machines
Tig welding plant

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