Semi-auto Hopper Machine
This semi auto hopper machine was developed to make hoppers efficiently, hygienically with consistent size. The hopper mixture is stored in a container and discharge to the hopper makin
Power Weeder for Row Seeded/ Row Planted Paddy Fields
Use of man power for the weeding of paddy fields is uneconomical due to high cost of labour and use of weedicides is not environmentally friendly due to harmful chemical substances. As
Temperature Controllable Bakery Oven
The technology is a biomass fuelled, temperature controllable, rotary type bakery oven. Fuel ; Biomass sticks or pieces. Temperature controllability –available. Portable Capac
Design and Development of a Mechanism to Cut Weeds Grown in Tanks of Breeding Fresh Water Fish
Development of Machinery and Equipment for Coconut Industry
Machinery Development for Making Compressed Solid Feed Blocks
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